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Free Reiki Session with each treatment

Grooming Treatments

Full Groom

Includes a double shampoo - to ensure a perfectly clean coat - followed by a polished cut and style of your choice. Ears are cleaned and claws clipped. A conditioning cologne is then sprayed on your happy puppy.

Spa Treatments

Mud Bath

A lovely after bath treatment massaged into the dogs coat and skin and then rinsed off, leaving the coat extra shiny and soft. This treatment combats skin fungus and repels fleas and ticks.

Bath and Dry

A fabulous sudsy bath and blow dry with the coat thoroughly brushed out, keeping matts at bay until the next 'Full Groom'.

De-shed Treatment

A shampoo and treatment that helps
lift up and soften the undercoat, so
when the dog is dried the undercoat
can be easily removed.

Sea Salt Conditioning Treatment

Perfect treatment for itchy dry skin.

Ear Fur Removal

Paw Treatment

Good for dry and cracked paws. Contains an enzyme that helps soften, smooth, repair and thicken paw pads. Followed by a fabulous wax treatment.

Doggy Facial

A facial treatment to remove bacteria around the eyes and face without eye irritation.

Fresh Breath Treatment

Less stressful than a teeth cleaning. A plaque softening gel is rubbed on the teeth, left for half an hour, and followed by the application of a fresh breath spray. When hard food is chewed, the plaque will slowly be removed.

Emmi®-Pet Teeth Cleaning

Helps remove plaque until the
next dental visit
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